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Employee Handbook 

How to give to new employees a unique experience when reading 78 pages handbook of administrative information?

The Creative Director gave me a great freedom on that project and worked closely with writers to incorporated a video game vocabulary to the original administrative text. A lot of gaming and caffeine was involved in the design process of this handbook.


  • CULTURAL ADAPTATION: With three offices around the world we had to adapt to this unique communication tools for the US, India, and Armenia.

  • THE HANDBOOK IN NUMBERS:  78 pages, 50 icons, 15 graphics & illustrations, 4 chapters, 3 versions for 3 different countries, 2 games, 1 PlayStation.

  • AWARD: The Employee Handbook won a Gold Local American Advertising Award 2018.


Creative Director: Sam Ahuja - Icon intern designer: Kimiha

Project Manager, Designer & Illustrator: Kellie Dubois

Pictures and Cover designer: Sarah Zeengberg

Writers: Sarah Willams & Rachel Holbrook - Human Resource and Administration Team: Alina Muehbauer, Piyush Jain & Amanda Crowford

“Working with Kellie on the Employee Handbook for our Armenia office was so much fun. Though we worked remotely, it was an easy and productive cooperation. She is not only very creative and talented but also a very positive and easy-going person. She thinks outside the box and comes up with innovative ideas. She has an incredible design sense.”

Lilit Hakobyan, Senior HR Manager of Optym Armenia


"I reviewed the Employee Handbook. It is very impressive and very creative. The team did a wonderful job. "

Ravi Ahuja, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Optym

The quest

The handbook gives a unique experience to the employee. Although it's a collection of need-to-know information, we give it a fun twist. We incorporated a video game theme.


  • How to give to new employees a unique experience when reading 78 pages handbook of administrative information?

  • Many policies got updated in the process, I had to work with an agile method that allowed constant changes, meanwhile working on 3 others important projects: Convergence 2017, Building expansion of the US office and Armenia office .



  • As an art director, project manager, Illustrator & layout designer I had a great freedom on that project.



  • I sought feedback from gamers, non-gamers, designers, and non-designers to test the logic and the reliability of the pages. Fresh eyes were my save point. We developed for this project detail approval process as people from different departments worked on the company policies.



  • I directly worked with the Country Head of HR from Armenia, India, and USA office, to adapt the content to their employee (text, format, visuals).

  • It's is divided by chapters that are a direct reference to gaming: New Game (company timeline, values, building map...), Inventory (dress code, tools...), Progress (performance & evaluation...), Bonus (compensation, benefits...).

  • Employees can create his own character sheets like in role-playing.


  • The Employee Handbook recently won a Gold Local American Advertising Awards (ADDY) 2018. 

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