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Mural & Workspace Design

That's when I was given permission to draw all over the walls!

I joined Optym in December 2014, two months before the grand opening of their headquarters in Gainesville, Florida. It was a new start for the company and for me. My first project was to create illustrations to cover the conference room windows. Each section is a continuous illustration that tells the story of Optym’s focus industries: mine, rail, maritime, trucking, parcel, airline and urban.

  • Illustrated the entirety of international offices' wall-sized vinyl for 30,000 sq. foot Optym's headquarters buildings in the US, Armenia, and India.

  • Delivered on time a fun and comfortable engaging workspaces for 200 co-workers.

  • 82% of the company qualified my work on office design as good or very good (company survey).

Illustrator & Designer: Kellie

Creative Director: Sam Ahuja

3D Artist: Charlie Bognard

Pictures: Sarah Zeemberg and Kesley Wilkerson

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Optym's Headquarter Expansion

An office expansion friendly and comfortable for others.


  • Interior designing and illustration

  • Worked with vendors and quality control


  • The result was over 230 feet of vinyl illustrations.

  • Hide trendy references in the designs

  • Save $2,000 by double checking quote. 

  • Improved team interaction.


  • 82% of the company qualified my design work on office design as good or very good.

"Kellie did a FANTASTIC job creating the artwork for our offices throughout the world." - "Her attention to detail and creativity can be seen through her artwork."

2017 - Team member 360-degree review report

BuildingA (2 of 4).jpg
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Optym Armenia Office

4 weeks in Armenia to provide 4 floors of fun and productive work environment.


  • Interior designer: colors, decor, furniture & material selection

  • Working with vendors in Yerevan

  • Building art design

  • Ensuring optimal interplay between brand storytelling and visual. 


  • More value-added to the worldwide presence of Optym.

  • Took the company's existing brand and conducted meticulous research to cater specifically to each offices' culture. 

The video of the Grand Opening

"I saw the Armenia office on Thursday. It looks very nice. Very beautiful. People are saying that the company now feels like a new company."

- Ravi Ahuja, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Optym

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"I’d like to thank Sam, Kellie, Artyom and Armen for their great help in recent restructuring works. Without your diligence, hard work, and several late nights and early mornings, we would not have been able to meet our deadline. Moreover,  we not only had the 6th floor ready on time, but it appeared to be very appealing to our co-workers and guests at Grand Opening."

- Arthur Ghulyan, Executive Director of Optym Armenia


India Office in Bagalore

Corporate work space

Each section of the continuous illustration needed to tell the story of one of Optym’s focus industries: mine, rail, maritime, trucking, parcel, airline and urban. 


  • Wall painting and vinyl illustrations

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