Core Values Poster

Guess which one of these posters has guided me throughout my career at Optym?

In 2015, I designed a set of 10 posters highlighting Optym's core values to help inspire the team in their daily work.


Each poster features unique design elements. 


  • The posters were installed in our offices worldwide.

  • They received a Gold ADDY Award (American Advertising Awards).

  • This project helped me to develop great listening and reading between the lines skills. 

Design: Kellie Dubois 

Copywriter: Janice C. Kaplan
Creative Director: Sam Ahuja

Passion & Ownership.

This work brings me back to one of my first marketing meetings in the Optym new building. That morning I showed my unfinished work to a team that I had just joined and they immediately responded with their critics. That helped me to develop great listening and reading between the lines skills. After that, I started presenting my work every two weeks and received a lot of feedback to improve my work.


  • Today when I get compliments on the final result, I proudly respond that the quality of the poster reflects the passion my team built around this project. That's why everyone's name appears on the 2016 ADDY AWARD.

  • This is also the story of how the team started it's weekly "Marketing Critics Meeting" where every designer presented their work and opened their mind to feedback from a diverse audience (writers, analyst, motion artists, designers, and a creative director).