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Amadeus SKY Suite by Optym

The proof that coffee breaks can lead to solve design problems!

On that project, my challenge was to translate a complex workflow of a schedule planner. I had to translate 5 airline industry software solutions ecosystem into one illustration that can be used in print and motion design.


Explaining visually Haul industry ecosystem software scheduler with illustration seems more simple as the actions are concrete: the truckloads, unload, deliver, etc. But when it comes to the Sky industry, showing network planning and scheduling became pretty complex. 

  • The solution came during a coffee break chat with one of our software engineer about SKY Suite user story and personas.

  • We start this project with a totally different design process. The illustration was made before the first draft of the script. And It's only after that the writers worked on a script to build the video about the SKY Suite.


  • Concept, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, brainstorming, providing support, feedback and video asset production. 

  • I refresh Optym illustration style by using more gradient, texture, and details.


  • I created a universe that can be linked to the rest of the brand (Optym mini-city, building illustration, etc.) and to the other industry ecosystems. 

  • We open a better dialogue between the technical team and our department to get a better knowledge of the functionality.

  • When I see my drawings come alive, I always feel like the kid I was when my big brother read me the story of Ma Liang and his magic brush.

The video was produced by Optym Marketing department 
Direction: Sam Ahuja - Script: Jack Sorrel & Shaman Ahuja 
Designed by: Kellie Dubois - Storyboard: Sarah Carmichael  
Motion Design/Animation and compositing: Kelsey Wilkerson, Sarah Carmichael, Kelly Larkin, Cliff Roberts, and Tristan Ford Frower.

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