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Esprit Métis Magazine

In 2006, I resolved my quest for identity with the creation of a magazine, ESPRIT METIS.

One morning, I had a wacky idea that changed my existence: create a physical intercultural magazine to promote diversity awareness and fight intolerance. Being dyslexic and without any knowledge of print edition or project management, this was a big challenge. Three months after I developed my idea, I joined a creative school and started building a multi-disciplinary team of 50+ amazing creative volunteers with different backgrounds who pitched in to create a magazine, a podcast, a dance group, workshops and cultural events.

  • Originally the project was to last for one year, but the team’s enthusiasm and the public’s support encouraged us to continue for 9 more years. 

  • First prize winner of the national competition “Envie d’Agir”. Chosen out of 150 national candidates selected from 3000 local projects in the Citizenship and Solidarity section.

    Pictures: Anthony Rojo , Eugenie Baccot & Constant Forme-Becherat

"Kellie has worked on her share of community based projects, and she has distinguished herself in being able to attract the necessary financial resources from a broad array of sponsors. "

Professionally, I was able to perform tasks that I thought I would never be able to do considering my deafness. By taking on the role of advertisement advocate at Esprit Métis, I was able to put forward abilities that I did not suspect. Today I have my own business, I learn over the days to manage a team.

Sebastien Lamigou Gratiaa - CEO of PixeL-G

"Kellie started the project and over a hundred persons in all joined with her, attracted by her enthusiasm and motivation. "

Anthony Rojo - Graphiste & Photographer at Bordeaux Metropole

Esprit Métis #14 / Once upon a time ... Cameroon
Esprit Métis #5 / Japan
Métis Spirit # 6 / Senegal - Giving and Receiving in the Land of Teranga
Esprit Métis #8 / Welcome to a cosmopolitan United Kingdom
Esprit Métis # 10 / At the heart of the red island
#2 1001 MOROCCO
Esprit Métis # 9 / Mexico, Eclectic Land
Esprit Métis #OS / Bordeaux métisse
Esprit Métis #12 / Dolce vite, famiglia, nostalgia e Italia
Esprit Métis #3 / Maravilhoso Brasil
Esprit Métis #11 / Upside Down: Australia Land of Contrast.
Esprit Métis #13 / Meanwhile, in South Korea
Esprit Métis #15 / Canada ... land of adventure
Esprit Métis #4 / ¡ Viva España Mestiza !


The magazine discusses questions about having mixed parentage and integration under a new angle: what are the benefits of mixed cultures that readers can enjoy daily in their city, or how to live a double culture. Each issue focuses on a country in order to give a certain impulsion to the country’s presence in the city.

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Esprit Metis, the dream came true.

We wanted a magazine that was open, the kind of openness that the word Métis implies in our opinion.  We wanted a magazine that would be like us, where each of us could share, discover or express our love for other cultures.

It originated in my search for an identity and in my frustration at the number of magazines where young people who are "Métis" (part French and part something else) were not represented.


  • 2006 - 2008 Founder & CEO

  • 2010 - 2013 Project Manager, Art Director & Illustrator

  • Forever Factotum: I conceptualized and established business plans and budgets while promoting, budgeting and planning events and editions to ensure successful outreach.  I also attracted the necessary financial resources from a broad array of sponsors.


  • 83% of readers surveyed say that the magazine meets their expectations of cultural miscegenation.

  • Originally the project was to last for one year, from 2007 to 2008, but the team’s enthusiasm and the public’s support encouraged us to continue for 9 more years.

  • We brought to life a magazine, a radio podcast , a Bollywood dance group, a WebTV show and many cultural workshops and cultural events.


35000+ copies, 150+ volunteers, 80 magazine deposits, 50+ partnerships, 43 radio shows, 16 magazines, 14 restaurant menus, 9 days of workshops, 8 Bollywood dancers, 5 first place awards, 3 job creations, 2 festivals, 1 belief.


  • The Minister of Education from Orleans-Tours Academy used Esprit Métis non-profit Organization as a case study for a Management of Organizations class - read the Course

  • "20 Years Olds in 2008" - I was the Guest Editor in Chief with 3 other young people of the Sud Ouest National newspaper - 280,000 copies

  • Animafac - Esprit Metis a mix of value - read the interview

  • In total, more than 30 papers in the press, 4 TV reports, 6 radio interviews.


  • 2007 - Shortly after its creation, Esprit Métis was awarded the Bordeaux AJC Prize and was recognized by the municipality. Following the growing success of the free magazine, the organization became the laureate of Project Young Gironde.

  • 2009 - Chosen out of 150 national candidates selected from 3000 local projects in the Citizenship and Solidarity section. First prize winner of the competition Envie d’Agir issued by French Minister of Youth and Sport.

  • 2010 - Event Madagascar in Pessac City 10th magazine making MADAGASCAR place of honor. Issued by the Mayor of Pessac City.

  • 2013 - The City Diversity Council of Bordeaux published a portfolio of testimonies and reflections on the diversity from different personalities. They asked me to participate by editing and publishing my vision of diversity in Bordeaux.

Esprit Métis #3 / Maravilhoso Brasil

Cover: Lord Akeem

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