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Shaping a more inclusive brand 

To honor DAI's commitment to inclusivity, I revisit the Branding guideline to make a more accessible for individuals with disabilities. 

When joining DAI, the company wanted to establish a strong brand identity that embraced its new and extended sectors, such as digital acceleration, sustainable business, education development finance, and global health. To ensure consistency across all units & media, one of my roles was to refresh & update design assets in order for them to stand out from competitors; review existing marketing collateral over an easily accessible process with illustrations and data visualization at its core. The goal: create a cohesive design system - ONE DAI!

Art Direction & Branding : Kellie Dubois 


Banner01 Digital copy 2.jpg

Kellie brings social inclusion and solidarity in her approach to graphic design with ADA-compliant design and training young professionals, etc.

Mathilde  Gaston-Mathe

Director, Communications & Outreach Strategy & Innovation at DAI

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