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Alumni Network

Connecting Global Changemakers

DAI is a global development company that has been tackling social and economic challenges for over 50 years. In 2022, DAI launched a new Alumni Network to connect former and current staff members from around the world. The objective of the project was to create a dynamic and exciting visual identity that would inspire people to reconnect and collaborate while aligning with DAI's corporate branding guidelines."


Art Direction : Kellie Dubois 
Design : Kellie Dubois and Gawon Lee 

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Dynamic Visual Identity

As a Creative Director at DAI, I was responsible for overseeing the development of the visual identity for the Alumni Network. My tasks included collaborating with the design team to create a cohesive and dynamic brand that reflected the network's unique identity while aligning with DAI's corporate branding guidelines.

We created a visual identity for the DAI Alumni Network that featured a pattern of interlocking squares. Each square represented a different member of the DAI community, reflecting the diversity of our global network. The vibrant colors we selected from DAI's color palette added excitement and energy to the design.

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Our launch campaign for the DAI Alumni Network included a digital platform and a series of in-person recruitment events. We created a range of materials to support the campaign, including posters, flyers, and branded giveaways. We also developed a brand book to ensure a cohesive theme across all channels and media.

To date, the DAI Alumni Network has 2,127 active members from six continents on its online portal. The launch campaign was a success, and we received positive feedback from the in-person events, with attendees expressing enthusiasm about the network and its potential for collaboration.

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